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What are your systems?

Do you have systems in your home? Well of course you do. Everyone receives mail, either by going to the post office, the mailbox or stopping at your parents house because you don't have a forwarding address. You may pick it up daily, weekly or monthly, but eventually you will pick up your mail.

I know it's an antiquated example but whether it has been created by the post office or by you, we all have systems in our homes. When working with women to help organize their life, I always start with questions. Every women and her problem are unique. So look around your home and ask yourself these questions.

1. What system is not working in my home?

This doesn't take long to figure out. Just walk in your front door and observe your first negative feeling. Bingo! there is your first organization project. Sometimes it is the smallest of things, that set us on edge and down goes the day. Don't be afraid to start small.

2. Was there ever a system created or has the system broken down?

When life changes, we sometimes forget that our systems need to change also. We move out on our own, we have a roommate or get married, we add children or a part-time job, the people in our home age and change. All of these affect our systems. This is the place where I see women take on shame about their messy places. You are not messy, life changed and your system needs an adjustment . Edit the system!

3. How many people are using the system?

This is where we get realistic. If your kids are going to toss their backpacks when they walk in the door, don't hang up a peg, create a landing space. If you don't want to walk across the kitchen every morning for the smoothie ingredients, put the blender next to the fridge or move the dry ingredients closer to the blender (even if it means placing a small bin of dry ingredients in the small appliance cabinet). Go crazy!

The first step in organization is observation. The next step is action.

If you need a little jump start in this process, consider a virtual organization session with me. Virtual organization is easier to work into your busy schedule, allows you to move at your own pace and costs less than in-home organization. Contact me at for more information.

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