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Thrifty Thursday - Sea Shell Love

Okay, I know this photo is HUGE, but I couldn't help myself. This shell has my heart and its not even Valentine's Days. When I picked up this beauty at the thrift store it was heavy which is one of my two favorite characters for quality items. LOL! The variegated gray colors where mesmerizing.

Then I turned it over...imagine sparklers in the air...and check out the inside color. It is a caramel and smooth. An entire room could be designed around this beauty.

It cost it me one dollar.

When there are tiny snowflakes drifting down to the frozen ground and all that will be green is currently dead, this sea shell brings me thoughts of the ocean and blue skies and a life well lived. This is why I love thrifting. For one dollar, I can bring new life into my home, spark my creativity - this shell was the missing piece to my late blooming Christmas amaryllis collection - and forget for a moment that I am going to walk outside into 17 degree weather.

May you find treasure!

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