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Thrifty Thursday.

Did you know that Love = Milk Glass Plates

Check out the vintage Pyrex milk glass plates I spotted last week! As soon as I spotted the thick milk glass and flower pattern, I was smitten. I actually did try to walk away and made it into the next aisle while I told myself that I have Fiestaware dishes and I plan on getting this size of plate in the future. I have been known to have four or five sets of dishes in the past until I convinced myself that Fiestaware met my need for variety while still stacking nicely in my cupboard...and not being ridiculed by my family.

Thankfully, common sense kicked in and I circled back. They were not priced, so I told myself if they were less than a dollar each, I would get them. After all, I have been wanting this smaller plate size for the last couple of years and they would be a good place holder until I can afford the Fiestaware. I love it when my practical side kicks in.

That night, I hopped on my iPad to just see if there were more like happy plates and yes, yes there is for $9 a plate on Ebay! I was instantly giddy of my $1.25 for five plates deal of the day!

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