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Thrifty Thursday

I found this gem! Do you love cloches as much I do? I have been in a cloche phase for several years. My favorite one is huge and usually occupies our coffee table with a birds nest and broken robin eggs inside. ❤

This is one is a medium size and is a beautiful shape. I actually picked it up for a friend. I texted her this photo and said it didn’t have a knob on top but it’s a great size.

Once I got it home I realized it may be the glass from a light fixture. Several years ago, I was turning anything glass and bell shaped upside down to be a cloche. I even was able to add hardware to a few of them.

This is my favorite part of thrifting. You get to see thingamajigs and doo dads out of their element and sometimes a serving bowl is a planter dish and a light fixture glass is a cloche and a sweater becomes a pillow cover. It’s a place where my imagination can run wild and my practical brain gets to take a break. It’s a lovely thing!

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