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Thrifty Thursday

Four dollars!

So I chickened out last week and didn't post my Thrift Thursday find because I asked my teenage daughter to help me take a good photo of my new-to-me Eddie Bauer 100% lambs wool sweater and she said, "Only if it's not frumpy!"...and no photo.

I then proceeded to wear it three times last week. My sister-in-love gently told me a vest might be nice, but I have to be careful with vests or I look like the Michelin Man. Does anyone remember him? I'm dating myself.

So here you get to experience me being brave, and awkwardly taking my own photo. I typically would only do this for a close friend or family member when desperately needing a second opinion, so consider yourself on the inner circle.

Happy Thursday! It's been a rough week at the Hiebert household, so I'm looking forward to breathing the same air as my mom, chatting through the housewares and later finding her in the books. I always know where to find her :) Comforting.

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