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Taxes on the Brain

It's mid-January, and I can feel tax season breathing down my neck.

As an organizing coach, I have all the folders labeled, QuickBooks reports printed and my year-end checklist ready. Yes, you can hate me! But every year I wait until the last minute to create the mileage log. I am just not a stop-and-write-it-down girl. For awhile, I used MileIQ. It was really great, EXCEPT my primary client lived just out of cell range. The app would stop my trip when it lost coverage, and then start a new one when it regained service. It kind of got on my last nerve. That was September 2016...according to the app that I just reinstalled :)

Last week my friend reminded me of MileIQ. Today, I reinstalled it on my phone, so that it will automatically track my trips and allow me to classify the trip as business or personal. I am planning on doing much better with my 2019 mileage logs.

Are you ready for tax season? If not, contact me. I would love to help you get set up with QuickBooks or Quicken, and show you how to get, and keep, your finances organized, and reduce the mental stress of the season.

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