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One More Time

It’s the Advent season. Yesterday, I discovered from a podcast that advent is not in the Bible. It’s a man-made celebration of the season dating way back, but I like it.

Today I read Jonah 2:4 and these words struck me, “I have been banished from your sight, yet I will look once more…” Isn’t that just the definition of hope – one more time!

I ate the whole box of chocolates, but one more time I will commit to healthy eating and go take a walk. I spent my whole paycheck in two days, but one more time I will try to save with my next paycheck. I messed up again, but one more time. We come to the full reality of where we are, UGH! … and with the smallest shimmer, or maybe just pure will, we decide to try one more time.

Christmas is right around the corner. Maybe you have one of those Hallmark families that laugh and play games and sit around the fire smiling. Maybe this year is going to be really, different because you’ve lost a special someone or you moved and can’t find the ornaments or there isn’t enough funds for a super cool gift. Have you dreamed of escaping to Mexico but can’t afford it? Let’s give this Christmas one more time.

If you can’t afford the gifts you wish, try writing a simple card to each person with what you love about them. If you can’t have your special people with you, try making ornaments from their pictures to hang on the tree to be with you. If you’re an introvert and the thought of that big room of people sitting around asking you to play games makes you wanna cry, maybe try bringing your favorite snack to share and something to do with your hands. You can sit near the game players and cheer them on.

I hope this season has you feeling great amounts of joy and excitement, but if not, if your reality is heavy, sad, or filled with anxiety can I just encourage you to find a glimmer of hope and try one more time. I will be doing it with you.

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