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New Logo Reveal

Have you seen my new logo? Whaooooo! balloons, clapping, dancing and loud music!

With the amazing talent of Robin Sorg, my dream of having my very own logo is a reality today. It was a lot of little decisions that developed into this beautiful new part of me. It was seamless...until the very end, when my desire for the "perfect" color kicked in. I would like to tell you I handled it like an adult and calmly emailed Robin, but that wouldn't be the truth. First I cried...ugly tears...while driving...partly because I hate this part of myself and partly because I didn't want to show that part of me to uber talented and wonderful Robin.

I don't see color, I seem to feel it first. I can try to be practical, but the "feel" is more than my head can persuade. So after two hours of not wanting to be a high-maintenance client for Robin, I emailed her and admitted that I was struggling with my final color choice. She was gracious and understood in a way that I didn't feel like I deserved. I love this about her! She gets me.

Then I marinated in color swatches, printed out color swatches, emailed color swatches to any friends who were willing to give an opinion, looked at colors on paper, computer monitors and iPhone screens. By the way, they will never look the same, so don't even try. I chose Pantone 3275U. This may be my secret pass code for all future applications. I slept on it and emailed Robin yesterday morning. Even as I look at my new logo, it makes me all kinds of happy inside. It means so many things to me. New growth from chaos, fresh starts, beauty in simplicity, and most of all many different perspectives coming together for common ground. If you just see pretty, that's great too!

I have big ideas of where this little business may go. Praying hard, working hard, and waiting expectantly.

If you would like to hire the beautiful talents of Robin Sorg, she can be reached at You wont' be sorry!

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