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Measure Twice, Click Once

One of my husband's favorite stories to tell about his grandpa is watching him stand in front of his kitchen project, taking lots of time to eyeball it while measuring it up in his head, then going out to make the cut only to bring it in and realize it wasn't big enough and then start piecing it together. All the while, with his Stanley tape measure clipped securely on his hip. Makes me laugh and gives me the heebie-jeebies all at the same time.

Do you make lists and leave them at home on the counter? I do! I keep trying to be a good digital citizen. I even tried downloading a measurement app and tracking measurements. It looked cool, but in the time it took me to attempt one or two measurements, I could have had the entire project measured and written down. I will probably always be a sticky note and paper list girl. However, writing down the measurements is only half the battle. Recently as I was taking measurements and my client was writing them down on a nearby board, she reminded me to take pictures of my lists...or boards. I needed the reminder.

Anyhoo...I digress. Last week, I wrote about the questions we ask to understand how a space is used, who is using it and what is working and not working. I love this part. It's analytical and creative all at the same time. The next step is measuring.

Measuring a space seems like a breeze, but there are a few tips and tricks that will save you time and future frustration.

1. Always measure the opening of the space. No matter how deep and wide it is inside, it's not going anywhere if you can't fit your cute storage solutions through the main opening.

2. Vertical openings between shelves is rarely the same. It may look identical, but it usually isn't and a 1/2-inch can make the difference.

3. Overall depth and height of of a space. Be sure to pay attention to hidden hinges, under sink piping, and interior cabinet trim. They can be deal breakers. Also pay attention to actual shelf space once cabinet doors are closed.

Shopping for fun and beautiful storage solutions is everyone's favorite part of organization, but how many perfect bins have you brought home just to add it to the options pile? Don't waste your precious time by shopping before you have measurements.

Next week I'll be sharing my favorite shopping tips when you don't live near IKEA, The Container Store or a Trader Joe's. Sorry, I'm not bitter, really, I'm not :)

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