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Kondo Like a Pro

My husband found Marie Kondo's new series on Netflix a few weeks ago and added it to our list. It was a gesture of TRUE love!

Last week, after watching the third show, I found that he folded our wash clothes "Kondo" style. It made me smile.

As an organizer, I love that Marie's show has inspired so many people to tidy up. I may not follow her method exactly, but here are my favorite take aways.

1. I LOVE that she inspires others to take care of our belongings. It speaks to my heart that the items we choose to have in and around our homes would be cared for as it serves us.

2. I have a great appreciation for her spirit of gratitude. Thanking items for their service before passing them along gives validation to why we purchased and stored that item for as long as we did, even if it is time to pass it along.

3. And most of all, I love that her show makes it very evident that it is HARD WORK for these families. She doesn't to the work for them. She gives them a framework to make decisions, categories to sort through and it just tickles me that she she shows up with an arm full of small boxes to re-purpose as organizer containers. These folks are exhausted and yet so thankful for the process.

All of this and she is darling! I hope you get a chance to be inspired.

Netflix link to Tidying Up with Marie Kondo:

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