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How Do You Take Time 4 You?

Today is Saturday and I felt like I had enough time for my slow yoga practice from The Yoga Abbey. I'm only 13 days into the new month and just now getting to it, but as always it was healing. I cry when I do yoga at home, anybody else? I guess it's just a harder season right now. I finished feeling relaxed...not my normal state of "purposeful Traci" as nicknames by my husband.

As I finished and was soaking in the foreign space of relaxed, I started wondering, how do you take time 4 you?

In the last year, I started a part-time job, took on a business type organizing client, celebrated our youngest daughter graduation from high school, grieved with my husband when his father passed away and while I knew that I needed to slow down and reset, I really, really struggled. I realized that I don't really know how I reset. The easiest resets seemed out of the budget, like a vacation. I started with reducing several clients for the summer season. I marked off Friday's as "summer" in my weekly planner. Then I started struggling with anxiety every time I sat down at my desk to work. Maybe it's menopause, but I knew that I needed to pay attention and I still didn't have an answer. How do I take time 4 me?

Two week's ago we headed for the mountains with our 1969 Campmor camper. It's a bit ghetto but I painted the inside white and it makes me happy. As a storm rolled into town and the sky was gray-blue, we packed up the camper and headed for our chosen camp site. I didn't care if it rained all weekend. I had a book and my husband. The campsite that we had scouted out, taken notes and photos and prioritized (you can roll your eyes anytime) was we kept driving. We ended up at a site that was filled with childhood memories for my husband. I kayaked on a lake for two days by myself and the campsite was quiet enough for us to listen to each other, the campfire crackle, the breeze through the trees. We stayed for three days and my soul found rest. But we can't always go to the lake, so I'm searching and observing myself to find the ways my soul finds space to breathe. How do I reset? Hoe do you reset? I am realizing it is not as easy as it seems.

So I am asking , how do you take, create, buy, trade, imagine time 4 you?

And I am going to take time this summer to share my observations and yours. Send them to me. I can't wait to hear from you.

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