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Beautiful Ornament Storage

The idea isn’t new, but I do believe I have improved it. I have a fun vintage ornament collection that I use each year to decorate our tree. When I purchase them at thrift stores, garage sales and vintage markets, they come in all kinds of packaging…or not.

A few years ago, I found that a 9-ounce clear plastic cup was the perfect size to store them in. I would create a layer, then a layer of bubble wrap, so on and so on. However, if I wanted to decorate with a specific color, it meant taking EVERYTHING out to find what I wanted and my collection was growing which meant many of my favorites would stay in the bottom layers. This year my husband a.k.a. The Rickster had a stroke of genius, hot glue the cups to a piece of foam core board so that I could lift out layers at a time! Not only is it efficient, it turned out to be the most beautiful Christmas storage ever and that adds points to his genius. Here are the details!

Supply List:

*Clear 56 Qt bin with white lid from Target

*Clear 9-ounce cups. I was able to fit 62 cups into each bin (I purchased Kroger brand, but any brand will do. Just make sure it has a wide enough top for your ornaments.) Sale price $4.50. Orginal price $6.59.

*White poster board from the Dollar Tree store (It used1 ½ sheets per bin to create three layers) $1.50 per bin

*Glue gun

*Glue sticks. Package of 40 for $5.98 at Walmart. Only used 10 for 6 total bins.

*Box cutting knife

*Tape measure or quilters ruler


Steps to Beautiful Ornament Storage:

1. Measure out two rectangles that measure 12-inches by 18-inches each and mark them on the foam core board. Don’t throw away the remnants until the end.

a. You will want to use one of the small skinny remnants as a tool to press down on the bottom of each cup to spread the glue out in a thin layer and gain as much coverage as possible. The glue is HOT!

2. Using the box cutter, cut through the foam core board. I was working on my kitchen island and just moved the line I was cutting away from the work surface about an inch, so I wouldn’t cut the surface below.

3. The bottom of the bin is narrower than the upper layers. So the first layer only fit 18 cups. Here is a picture of how I placed them. I drew a center line lengthwise to help keep me straight as I worked.

4. For the second and third layers, I drew a center line both directions to help me find the center of the board.

a. I glued the first four and made sure they were exact center and then was able to work freehand from there. I was able to fit 24 cups for each of the second and third layers.

b. The last row at each end will not always allow you to have the full cup bottom on the board, but as long as over half of it is, you are safe.

c. I placed glue on the bottoms of about four cups. Then I placed them and used my foam core board remnant tool to push down on the bottom and the glue will spread out and give you more coverage.

5. That’s all! I listened to my favorite podcasts and music, made a mess of my kitchen and when I was done I had the most beautiful ornament storage ever. It was so pretty I left them stacked in the living room for a few days. Now they are on the Christmas storage shelves and ready for another year. I’m dreaming of a blue, green and gold tree for next year.

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