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I am a personal and small business organizer to those affected by ADHD. I provide organization services that help you improve your time, money and stuff so that you can be successful in your day-to-day activities and find what you need when you need it. I will offer you a fresh perspective, ask questions and help you break the "how to" into actionable steps.


As a mother, office manager and professional organizer specializing in ADHD, my experience allows me to view your needs through the lens of executive functions, unique work flow that works with your brain while maximizing your strengths and personality.

Lets make Time 4 You!



Personalized Money Management

Your monthly cash flow can seem unmanageable and if you struggle in this area it can feel embarrassing. It's hard to ask for help from those you know. If you are looking for someone you can trust to show you how to anticipate the ups and downs of your cash system for you or your small business, call me. I have worked with individuals and start-up businesses for over 25 years using a cash flow model that can be shared and taught with bi-weekly or monthly virtual sessions until your ready to go solo.

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Entrepreneurs with ADHD

Scientists agree that a disproportionate number of entrepreneurs have ADHD. Some say it's their superpower! It can also cause you to work harder than anyone else for the same result. Lets work together to calm the affects of ADHD on your business and staff and help you identify, prioritize and find out "how to" shore up the negative affects of ADHD and highlight your superpower.


Time Management & Productivity

Life is full and learning to manager your schedule let alone the ones you live with can be a challenge.  Let me help you catch your breath,  create an ADHD friendly, life schedule that fits you and easily adapts so you can thrive.

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Explore the Possibilities

Wherever you live, I can help. Meet me virtually for a 45 minute session via Zoom or FaceTime starting at $45. I will keep you on task with actionable steps,  accountability and document your progress and tools that worked best for you.  Contact me today for a free 20 minute consultation.

Choose an in-home session at $75 an hour. I provide focused progress and hands on assistance in your area of overwhelm.

Let's connect and get you on the road to a functional and productive life with ADHD.



Contact me today for your complimentary 20 minute consultation and let's explore the possibilities together.

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